Pro paintless dent repair


Hail Damage

Pro PDR is available to fix all your hail storm damage repairs. If you unfortunately got stuck in a hail storm, don’t worry – we can make your car look brand new and factory-finished without retouching the paint.

Door Dings

Car door dings are quite common, and it is easy to get rid of them too with our car door ding repair service. Whether it’s a negligible or noticeable door ding, we can fix it for you in less than an hour. What you get as a result is a flawless car, as if the ding was never there!

Mobile Service

Our mobile service makes it convenient for you to go about your daily life without the hassle of not having your vehicle for days or even weeks. Most repairs only take an hour or two so Pro PDR can fix your vehicle at your home or work. Whatever is convenient for you!


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